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Big things with little cars

Experimenting With Colors

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In my quest to figure out spray paint and overcome my problems getting a decent paint job on a casting, I’ve been checking out different products.
One of the most recent is Tint It, by Design Master. I get it at Michaels, one of the reasons I’m on top of their coupon deals so often.
As its name implies, it’s a Tint, not a proper paint *Color* per say. So, the amount of coats applied determines the strength of the final color, similar to water colors, I guess, but not quite the same.

Illustration for article titled Experimenting With Colors

This pair of Blingy Chrysler 300s have been sprayed with the same can of Saphire Tint-It. The bottom body has 2 or 3 coats, I don’t remember exactly. The body on top has at least ten. (Both sprayed over a Rust-Oleum silver base coat.) It dries really quick, so you know right away if you want to go to the dark(er) side and spray more coats. These two will be clear coated in the near future and I’ll post the finished product for inspection.
This stuff comes in about 10 colors, or thereabouts, I don’t remember. But, I’ll be experimenting with different colors over different base coats.
If you want to give it a try, that last coupon I posted is good until this weekend for 50% off.
(and, Hey! I remembered to use tags!)

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