If you want fast mail service just add this artwork. Philipilihp sent this 8 days ago! EIGHT DAYS AGO!!! Eight days to cover a distance of just over 10,000 miles!! Incredibly quick postage.

It appears having the word ‘express’ actually worked!! Great strategy Mr Philipilihp.

Barry BAJA wonders what all the fuss is about.


Great reuse of a Lego box!! Lego was my favourite toy as a kid and diecast is my favourite toy as an adult so the box is a great link between the two eras.

Ooo! Two mini parcels! They did not stay wrapped for long.


Christine!! The ‘58 Plymouth is a great looking cast. I loved this movie as a kid and is one of the first VHS tapes I hired that wasn’t a kids film. Yes I’m that old and yes apparently the rating system didn’t apply out in the country back then. The F250 is my second of this cast as I recieved one from shop-teacher in an iHWEP with him a couple of months back. This means I can now do a custom on one! Yay. Also a small package fell out from between them, it turned out to be...

...this! A RAOK in the form of a HW 914-6! Very cool cast. Before this one I only had one other 914 and its from the Porsche set. I may have to change those rims though. So what’s in the other package...


I recognise that logo, now just where have I seen it before?


Wow! Many cool stickers! I got an LaLD sticker! I got an LaLD sticker! Brilliant! Now what are these casts under them?

Awesomeness maximimus! A couple of 510 wagons, I had only found one before and it was damaged. As many here will know that became my first major custom when it was converted into a UTE!! known as Paul. If you haven’t seen the 510 ute it’s back there in the blue word.


A Dodge Sidwinder UTE!!, I never seen this around so it’s a great addition to my UTE!! collection.

A 1970 Ford Escort, again I have one but want to do a custom on one of these some day and having a second cast is a good thing!

An El Camino! It looks brilliant and is my first Auto World cast ever!! I was showing my 7 year old daughter and she could read the tiny El Camino script on the rear quarter panel. Now I know I’m going to need glasses, I would have been able to read that not long ago ;(


I’ll do individual posts for the casts at a later date and as time allows.

All together shot! What an awesome delivery! Thanks so much Philip, hopefully your package is just around the corner but I didn’t think to write ‘express’ on the box, it may be a little longer.