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F&F Hawl (Now With Added H Case)! (Updated)

As we all know, persistence pays. Obviously, there were no Skylines... which sucks, but I expected that, so it’s whatever. If any of you guys come across them, maybe we can trade for a couple?


Was very excited to find these H case cars! They were in one of those Walmart cheap-Easter-toy displays, so keep your eyes on those. I’m most excited about the Fugu Z (only the second I’ve found in the wild), and the Ford GT Racer. It lives up to the hype.

And this: not diecast related, but still MBX. My daughter wanted one of these damned things SO badly for Christmas, but I just could not bring myself to drop $50 on a talking garbage truck. Today I found out that I also can’t bring myself to drop $10 on a talking garbage truck. The more you know!



I feel better now. Left about 12 behind. F&F hunt = DONE.

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