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F-Toys Japanese Classic Car Selection - Vol. 2

I don’t take my own advice. Despite knowing that the F-Toys Japanese Classic Car Selection Vol. 1 cars were mediocre at best, and despite the frustration of trying to attach their ridiculous side mirrors, I bought Vol. 2.

So promising... which colors will I get?
NSX, without mirrors. Its mirrors are the absolute worst! After snipping them off the plastic, they have rough edges that prevent them from fitting. A bit of filing, and I got one to almost fit, and stay in place long enough to glue. The other one? A work in progress, for a day when I have more patience.
You thought F-Toys’ Vol. 1 cars were cheaply made? These... are worse. The plastic is so brittle and thin.
Even the engine details are sub-par compared to the previous series.
Meh. The mirrors were slightly easier to attach. Considering they’re the size and thickness of the excess plastic you’d otherwise trim off of a model piece, I’m surprised I got them to fit...

I picked these up at Uwajimaya, for $9 each. This is because (to quote Ghost World) I am a sucker with no sense of value. My fellow masochists, if you’re in the Portland area and would like to try your luck with these, there were a few more at the Beaverton store...

Next up — a new glue that might be of interest to customizers...

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