Found this old HW F1 car in a box of old toys lying around. Didn’t think it would still be in a decent condition after being thrown in there with other toy cars! But it is still in pristine condition, so why not worthy show it here on LaLD? :)

This is Felipe Massa’s Ferrari F2007 car from the 2007 Formula 1 season. It is made by Hot Wheels. For those who aren’t in the loop, HW used to produce F1 team toy cars (and 1:43/1:24/1:18 scale models) for Ferrari, McLaren, Williams, Stewart (later rebranded as Jaguar), and Jordan. Renault joined in much later. This series ran from 1999 to 2007 (Ferrari got a special commemorative 2008 Kimi Raikkonen/Felipe Massa set though...)

I never had the chance to collect each and every car of the teams (parents’ limit on only one toy), so I’d only buy one per season. And obviously being a huge McLaren supporter, McLaren would be my choice, although I’d have loved to have them all! But as I grew older and got more pocket money savings, I’d buy a bit more. And sometimes I’d get other teams but never Ferrari, the eternal rivals!

So you must be wondering.....why do I have a Ferrari casting here. Well, it’s because this was a kinda ‘special edition’ Ferrari. It was to commemorate Kimi Raikkonen’s Drivers title and Constructors’ championship victory. Usually HW would just produce one driver’s car for the castings (namely, the first driver of the team e.g. Massa no.5 for the 2007 season in this instance), but for this Ferrari winners’ collection they created another model with Kimi’s no.6 car. As far as I could tell, it was the only time they ever made a concession and produced both cars from a team. Then again, Mattel held on to the Ferrari licence deal back then, so obviously they’d take advantage and create this special commemorative toy.

If I’m not mistaken I do have the Kimi edition as well, but I’ll have to dig it out. Don’t remember where I’ve kept it!

Okay... I got sidetracked there! Now back to the casting itself! This chassis is officially called ‘GP-2006’; this is because HW previously had another chassis for the F1 cars. It went by the name ‘Generic Indy car’ and later ‘GP-2009’. To be fair, the shape of the car doesn’t resemble the actual Ferrari car; they’re just generic F1 shapes that are supposed to have the tampos of the individual cars pasted on and only resemble it slightly. The shape is fat and has skinny ‘BBS’ style wheels. Not a good look but there’s not much choice. Tampos are decent, all are placed in the correct positions as they would on the 1:1 car. Only exceptions would be the Marlboro ‘barcode’ design the 1:1 cars ran with in the ‘07 season. HW omitted actual tobacco liveries for obvious reasons and instead either removed them from the toys or printed the ‘alternate’ tobacco liveries on them. Like for example instead of Benson & Hedges for the Jordan team, HW would print ‘Be On Edge’ instead. Ferrari 1:64 toys usually had a blank space (just painted red over where the supposed ‘Marlboro’ logos would be) on the rear cowls and rear wings.


Anyways I may have rambled on too much. Hope you like the pics!



Thank you for viewing!