The stripped casting here isn’t even for this so-called “WIP”. It’s another project that I’ll have a buddy working on soon here. Thing is when I *finally* get my hands on the new Gran Turismo series F1 GTR I plan to take the decals off, paint the spoiler, and swap the wheels to something more accurate. The closest HWs makes to the F1's wheels are the old-school 5 spokes, though. And they’re dark gray. Luckily HWs released a variant of the ‘69 Corvette racer that had the 5 spokes in the right sizes in the right color. I picked it up, drilled it, took the wheels and slapped them on this already-dissambled F1 GTR to see how it’d look. It’s actually pretty good. Now I just need some silver ones, which will be for the stripped casting here for later.