Big things with little cars


I got to go through 6 unopened H cases of Hot Wheels this morning.

(Matchbox New Belgium Fat Tire Austin Mini Van for your time)

The toy department manager, who I see every day when I hunt before work, appeared to my right and said “Good morning, sir! I think I have something you might be interested in.” He then proceeded to cut open six fresh H cases and hand them to me.


I’ve got maybe 20 minutes to get to work (literally 2 minutes down the street) and a toy department manager who’s got stuff to do, but was good enough to let ME open some fresh cases. The pressure is on. As I opened cases, I handed cars to him by the fistful so he could put them on the peghooks and later in the dump bin.

I find the CRX, the GT350R, the Pro Stock Camaro, the Charger 500, and something else (it’s escaping me at the moment). I’d found the rest of the regular mainlines at Target in their Spring collection, so at this point I was just looking at wheels, trying to see rubber.

I didn’t even notice the Pro Stock Camaro until the second case, and I don’t think I ever looked at its wheels...and I’m reasonably certain I missed out on the super treasure hunt. I honestly didn’t know what car I was looking for until I got to work and googled it. I never saw a regular TH either, but I was just looking for a logo.

I’m a bad collector.

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