Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

Fall Cleaning

Seems to be a trend around here lately. Cleaned and organized my 1:18 cabinet in an attempt to make more room for what I’d prefer to collect. Also installed some glass windows to keep my toddler out as she can finally reach the second shelf.

The purpose of my post is to let you guys know that I’m going to put up a lot of my Maisto/Bburago stuff up for sale/trade cheap in an effort to make room. In most cases shipping will be more expensive then the cars so buy in bulk, haha. I’ll probably put it up on my local craigslist with some HW/MB as well.


The list of what I’m willing to let go is below. If there is something not on the list that you absolutely have to have message me privately and maybe we can work something out:

911 GT3 (not a great casting, good 5 footer)

Shelby Series 1

Mercedes AMG GT ... SOLD

Alfa Romeo 8C

Both Vipers

Fiat Abarth ... SOLD

Ferrari California (missing side mirrors)

Saleen S7 (broken door frame)

Jaguar XJ220 ... SOLD

Jada Dodge Daytona (all 3)

Illustration for article titled Fall Cleaning
Illustration for article titled Fall Cleaning

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