The hobby of collecting diecast is a very tough one for the wallet, and there are times when you have to fight your brain extensively to go forward with a purchase (rest of the time the brain won’t stand a chance).

The JL Land Cruiser was one such occasion. It was a hefty price to pay for one model car (and one that is not a TLV). However, all costs were nicely justified when the little car escaped from the blister pack.

This is incredible.

I resorted to the white background since I wanted to show the detail without any hindrance, and used the mirror for some additional lighting lol. Boy this thing has the details spot on.

Love the real thing, love the little thing.


The only ‘nag’ I have is about the poorly aligned wheels. Not going to cry about that since I can safely assure myself that I won’t be rolling this on any surface. The canvas roof is out of this world.



No disappointments or regrets on this one.


Thanks for stopping by! Have an awesome weekend!