You wake up to a call from your colleague (ah hell), and he tells you this.

β€œI’ll grab my Pontiac Firebird today to work!”.

Hell, yes please!

Two hours later, this turns out!

A pristine Welly 1:24 1967 Pontiac Firebird Hardtop. No steerable wheels or suspension but the model truly delivers with a very faithful nod to the actual car.



It’s amazing to have a colleague who loves the art of diecast. He is also a true fan of cars and off - roading (owns a LN106 Hilux himself). The Welly is not the only car that keeps company at his cubicle. Quite a few 1:64s hand around there, including a Majorette 918 and a Realtoy Boxter.

The Realtoy Boxter is a rare, and a very pleasing sight indeed.


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