Welcome to another edition of Fantasy Friday, that occasional (whenever I feel like it) feature where I highlight a fantasy cast and tell you why it’s cool.

Today’s casting is the 24 Ours. I honestly feel like the case in its favor is pretty obvious - because racecar. It’s a semi-realistic LeMans racer based on the Peugot 908. There’s a couple things that we normally give the side-eye to: it’s optimized for track, and it’s a plastic body on a metal base (I suspect the two are not unrelated - low center of gravity). And yet, it looks good!

This is the most recent release with the exception of the 2016 mystery model, which I don’t think is out yet. You can probably find it on a snowflake card at your local retailer right now. To my eye, this is the best looking version since the HW livery (which I still need to get).


Despite being plastic, the grey flecked color is great, and the tampos look very nice as well. Even the blue windshield looks good to me. Also, the exposed engine may not be realistic, but it’s still way cool.


My pics today don’t look so good, but that’s no fault of the car, just some poor lighting choices.

This is one of my favorite fantasy castings and can also be found in a Mega Bloks version.