Kind of an oddball today in that it’s essentially a fantasy car in that there’s never been a 1:1, but it’s also a licensed car. What?

This is a car that I’ve been aware of for a while and it’s been on kind of my 2nd-tier want list as it’s not a real car, but it kinda needs to be included in my collection anyway due to the obvious design cues from the C1 Corvette, in particular the Corvette SS (and the diecast version). It’s on the pegs right now as part of a “Track Builder” 5-pack, so I snagged it.

What’s interesting about this car is that it was not designed by a Mattel employee, but by GM designer Amaury Diaz-Serrano. From the back of the original release card

The Designer’s Challenge™ program was created as a way for Hot Wheels® to actively include its automotive partners in its 40th anniversary celebration by creating exclusive designs for a brand new line. It marks the first time Mattel has ever turned outside the company for original Hot Wheels® designs. The challenge for each automotive manufacturer was to create a Hot Wheels® car that truly captured the brand’s core values of speed, power, performance and attitude, while also retaining the distinct attributes of each company’s brand essence. All submissions were judged by a panel of Hot Wheels® designers and collectors, as well as automotive journalists from Car & Drivermagazine, the Los Angeles Times and Men’s Journal. The panel selected one design from each manufacturer and one internal design to be transformed into authentic Hot Wheels® cars.


(Text copied/pasted from the HW wiki. Check out the link for the other cars - I think this is the best-looking one, but I’m biased.)

I think this design does a great job of balancing being unmistakably GM, unmistakably HW, paying homage to one of my favorite cars ever, and just being darn cool.


It’s even got the bowtie there, although it kinda gets lost at this scale.


The track-compatible posterior actually works just fine here, especially given the backside of the Corvette SS inspiration.

The clean racing livery tampos on this release work really well.


Now that I have this in hand, I’m definitely going to be trawling the ‘Bay looking for the original release, which was a premium car with Speed Machines style co-mold wheels.