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Fantasy Friday - GT Hunter

I missed a week or two because of reasons, but we’re back today with a relatively fresh casting. This “NEW! FOR 2015” GT Hunter caught my eye primarily because of the HW livery. This is the second release this year, the first having HW livery over metalflake blue.


The card describes it thusly: “Super-slammed GT-style speeder with an extra wide body kit and exposed twin-turbo engines. Watch out, it’s an ace tracker that knows how to dominate its prey.” It falls in the category of Hot Wheels semi-realistic race cars, which I rather like (e.g.: 24 Ours). I guess it appeals to both my inner 12-year-old and my outer 32-year-old. Pretty much just gonna let the pictures do the talking:

It does have the dreaded “best for track” upturned chin, but since it’s integrated into the design, rather than a distortion of a real car, it’s not that bad.


Massive wing is massive.


Exhaust headers suggest a V10, and who can’t get behind that?

For me, the HW livery was enough of a reason to pick it up, but it turned out to be a decent casting too. Thanks for looking!

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