So we all know that fantasy cars are just for the kids and are otherwise complete crap that just take away space from the real cars. Except, of course, for the ones that aren’t. The truth of it is, there are plenty of fantasy cars that are worth taking a second look at. Remember, that the same designers that made our favorite cars are also designing fantasy cars and their gearhead tendencies sometimes show up in surprising and delightful ways.

As the father of three, there are a lot of cars in our house that I would not normally pay attention to, but sometimes one catches my eye (or I step on it), and I realize that it’s worth a look. It doesn’t always mean that I’m going to go right out and purchase one for me, but I did in this case (and when it was released with HW livery, it was a must-buy).

The first thing you notice about the Vanster is that you can see the inside. And once you take a closer look, you notice that it is sporting a massive mid-mounted V10 with a huge turbo sucking air in the front. Unfortunately, I had a terrible time getting decent pictures of the inside through the smoked top, but I tried:


For comparison, here’s two different versions. The one on the left belongs to my kids and sports the Uglier-Than-Ever wheels. There was also a white version with blue letters. It has a chrome interior, which is a bit easier to photograph.

Inside the Speed Shop van:


And another shot:

So here’s why the Vanster is worth your time:

1. It was inspired by Japanese van culture, specifically the Toyota HiAce (according to the HW Wiki), so if you like the Mad Manga, this should make a nice companion piece.


2. Massive turbo!

3. For those of you who like to detail your cars, there’s a lot to work with on the inside.

4. Hot Wheels livery. I think I’m not the only one who has a HW livery sub-collection. This one is on the pegs right now, as well as a black HW livery version.


5. If your name is Tinfoil Hat, it should be very easy to chop the back part off the canopy and turn it into a UTE!

Thanks for looking! I’ve got a couple other casts in mind for future Fantasy Fridays. Would you believe that there is a newish mainline MBX cast with metal top and bottom? There is, but you’ll have to wait to find out what it is.