Haven’t been hawling much lately for various reasons, but I found some things that pleased me today. Came away with more fantasy cars than licensed cars, but whatever.

The 24 Ours is one of my favorite fantasy castings and this one is glow-in-the-dark, so that’s cool. The Chevelle is one of my favorite HW castings period and I didn’t know that there was a new deco coming out this year, so it was pleasant surprise. The Fiesta is another casting that I just tend to buy automatically, and a HW livery version is quite welcome. I know I was looking for a Hurst Olds for Eddie quite a while ago, but came up empty. Eddie, if you still need it, just let me know and it’s yours.

I did it again: bought a 5-pack for one car, in this case the Chevroletor. It’s an interesting casting in that it was designed by a GM employee and since it clearly takes its design cues from the C1 Corvette, I kinda needed it. Haven’t ponied up (yet) for one of the original releases, but this is a nice deco so I nabbed it. The other cars are in the “semi-plausible race car” category, which I don’t mind, but they’ll probably end up as parts cars or passed on to my kids. The Roller Toaster made me chuckle, so I grabbed it.


I was kinda hoping for some sort of pop-up action or something, but it’s just kind of springy:

I just noticed that the headlights are the toaster knobs.