It has been a great run, but it is time to say farewell.

Earlier today I made my final trip to TRU. I, among many, find their prices absurd. The fact a HW or MBX cost more than I can get it at Target or Walmart with taxes included with quicker turnover rate on fresh stock. But disregard those physical items, one thing that prices can’t be applied, are all the memories I’ve had ever since I first discovered a store in my area 7 years ago.

I remember the first time I came across the Hot Wheels Vintage Racing series and of course all the fun times test driving the bikes and Razor scooters (carefully) in the store. My first mountain bike was from TRU and had it for over 4 years (until it broke in half) which I salvaged parts from after it died.

As all the great memories replayed in my mind, I picked up the final HAWL from TRU and these are the last cars that came home with me on 30% discount. All of these will get a feature in the upcoming weeks.


It’s a bittersweet ending (mostly bitter), I got a pretty decent deal on my purchase but at the same time this will be the last time I’ll see these diecast brands for a long while.