They have arrived!

I went in on Wednesday and spoke with the gentleman in the top picture who informed me they should be arriving on that night’s truck and to check back the next day. I went back yesterday, but no luck. Figuring they might need a day to plan where to put it and all, I went back again today. Still no bin.

I just happened to run across the same gentleman from Wednesday, right as I was about to leave. He remembered me and said he was pretty sure they were in the back and he’d go check. A couple minutes later he come out with the whole bin in all of its unopened glory and started and cracking cases open for me.

I grabbed two of each of them for myself (one to open and one to leave carded), a few to customize, and a few to trade. Mostly Skylines since that seems to be where everyone is missing out. I’ll post later tonight or tomorrow with what’s available.


For those still hunting for them, keep looking out and don’t be afraid to ask the employees!