I took a 30 minute detour on the way home. 30 minutes because traffic was so bad and I took a wrong exit.

Destination: hobby store

Objective: to find old JDM stuff.

I was pretty happy to find this transporter. It was hidden amongst a bunch of Nascar transporters.


Here is how it looks next to HW transporters.


The car that came with it is an Eclipse. I am anxious to see how HW’s upcoming F&F Eclipse will compare to the Racing Champions one.

Although this isn’t JDM, the Cavalier is very rice.


Time for it to join its brothers....and sister? I think I have a pink Civic in there somewhere.


Today was my fourth visit and most likely my last visit to this hobby shop. I’ve bought pretty much all of their JDM stuff on my prior visits and the transporter and Cavalier was the only thing left on this visit. I doubt they’ll stock old JDM stuff again. They haven’t had any “new” JDM stuff since the very first time I visited many moons ago.

Thank you for viewing.