Big things with little cars

I finally found the latest batch of FF cars today, and apart from the missing (read; scalped) Johnny Tran Honda S2000, all other cars were present. Including this lovely blue Porsche. It’s also the only one I bought.

This is the Porsche ‘996' 911 GT3 RS as used by Brian O’Connor (played by the late Paul Walker) in the fifth instalment of the Fast and Furious franchise. The car was ‘won’ by Dom Toretto when he defeated a Brazilian guy in a street race. The car only appeared for a short time in the movie and didn’t leave much of an impression to warrant a toy made in its honour, but I’m guessing that since HW has the F&F license and the Porsche tooling, it might as well just make the most of it and sell it to the public.....


Anyhow, I love this Porsche, and the colour. And I’m glad to have bought it.

I also like how HW didn’t retool the casting and mould the rear wing in metal; instead, they left it as a plastic piece, just as it was back when they launched it in 1998.


The headlights are clear plastic, presumably one with the window piece. It’s a nice touch, rather than getting some painted on headlamps. The tampos are clean and sweet, with the black ‘GT3 RS’ decals running alongside each side doors, and also the painted orange U.S. Federalized side marker lights and the little Porsche emblem on the hood. Rear has got nothing, but to me that’s fine.


Thanks for viewing!

Auf Wiedersehen!

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