So it seems like ive had a bad week. Theres some good but mostly not very exciting.

This shot right here would of been amazing if only that truck wouldn’tt of ruined the photo. Another thing that has been bothering me is my keyboard on my phone. I cant even backspace without it messing up my whole sentence. Another thing that has bothered me is not finding a job. Due to my vision problems i can’t read small print. Also due to my color blind problem, i can’t really work as a cashier or with colors. I can’t really do jack squat. So :/ . My eye doctor sent me a nice shady ass letter telling me that i owe him 4000 dollars over the surgery my insurance didnt cover. So i need my eye surgery but i can’t even get my eye surgery because i need to pay for my other surgery. Im really frustrated. Im busy driving every single day for my family which leaves me zero time to hangout with friends and such...but then thers a rare occasion where i actually have time to hangout with someone and guess what...EEVERYONE INCLUDING MY COUSINS ARE BUSY! So what does Eddie do? Does house work all day attending the needs of every one. Now heres the kicker. My family wants me to hangout with people to leave thw house and actually enjoy life but its quite freaking impossible if both my sisters are out and no one else takes care of my mom. So i have to stay and take care of her.

On the bright side i got to drive my sister’s boyfriend GTI. Haven’t driven stick in 2 years so it was a refresher. I learned i can shift well with my left hand. That i didnt stall and that im almost ready to drive stick on the streets. I got to send my packages i owed everyone. Now then, as you see i haven’t had a great month. I need lots of money so i can pay for the medical bills i owe. So i can buy my glasses that i really need and so i can leave this place and go and travel the world. Im tired of being stuck in this house day in and day out with out having to be ina rush to drive everyone everywhere at their aaccord.

(rant over)