The first turbo Ferrari since the legendary F40 is...the “entry model”. I put that in quotes because it still is a $200,000 Ferrari. Also I think that the California is quite stunning, better than the FF and 458.

And to be honest, I’m not a fan of many modern Ferrari’s, mostly because of the companies umm...“policies” *cough* LaFerrari *cough*. Company aside, their cars don’t look fantastic to me. Poster worthy, yes. Car I’d want to be seen in? No. Except for the California. For some reason it has always had a special place in my heart. I don’t fall in love with the 458’s ear splitting exhaust. The Cali T, however, is just about perfect:

Mostly throaty, but with a muffled scream at high revs. Lovely. Enough of that, back to the model. Maisto really did a good job of it, with only a few minor complaints.

Complaint number one: the paint is too thick. Case in point:


Most fine detail on the metal work is lost. Not a huge deal, but they can do better.

Complaint number two: The hood doesn’t align on one side.


I’d guess that it’s just my car, but it’s several mm off.

In general the details are better than one would expect for a $14 Maisto.


Details like the roof stowed in the trunk, as would be correct.

The engine is pretty good to be honest. Way better than the black plastic hunks usually associated with such brands.


Like the interior. Good tampos and color. I would’ve preferred tan, but we can’t always get what we want. This is truly an improvement over the over textured, under-detailed models of years past.


Overall a great car, especially with price considered. Thanks to R32 for trading this car!