In 2007 - 2009, Hot Wheels released the Ferrari Racer to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the revered brand. They were sold in toy stores and even in 7-11 in my country.

They were slightly more expensive than the basic cars which meant I didn't end up with many. But when I saw this matte black example of the 360, I had to have it. Studies and National Service got into the way and then it sat neglected for a good amount of time. I figure I wasn't doing the car any justice and decided to dust it off and have its place in my 'photo booth'.

Like the early Speed Machines, the Ferrari Racers gets decked out with co-mold 6-spoke wheels. At that time I was also into Acceleracers, I've always thought the co-mold wheels are fabulous. The red center caps and the gold lips really matches the livery on the car, though I'd question if this look actually works in real life.


Tail lights are a tad derp. lol


Forza Ferra-Fri Day!