Been waiting to post these since I found them recently.

Two KIDCO 308s from “Magnum, P.I.” Even says so on the back end.

First up, the convertible. Says KIDCO, 1981 Made in Macao on the baseplate. Evidence of some of my earliest detailing work on the car, courtesy of Pactra Flat Black.

Wheels are a little small, yet it still rolls really well to this day.


Rear view.

Front view. Cockpit is nice, with accurate cramped conditions.


The hardtop. This must have been some kind of launcher car, as it has a port in the rear with a spring-loaded feature.

Marked KIDCO 1980 on the metal base. Rear tires are a rubbery material, fronts are plastic.


Detailing is, I think Pactra Signal Red, this time. I obviously had no inclination to mask the windows when I did the painting.


Rear view

Front view. I don’t remember where or when I got these, they are out of my childhood collection. Thanks for looking!!