Before we begin let me start by saying (any MEF fans here? xD) a very happy new year to the LaLD family! Have a successful, healthy and prosperous 2019! Most importantly, keep scoring epic diecasts, with superb deals!

I was hesitant on buying this.

Thankfully, I eventually succumbed to the heart, and I am honestly glad I did.



I did not have much hope for the 512 BB, and it was well below the Tessa in my bucket list. An opening engine bay did not add to any positives as well. However, I can safely say that the effort from Tomica is really good.

All the focus will be on the engine but take a look at the interior as well.


The engine lid won’t close flush, but the headlamps do.

The opening engine bay clearly distorts the profile, but it is a nice touch. Same with the pop - ups, although they shut quite clean.


Overall, it is quite a decent representation of the actual car. The wretched center ridge ruins the wheels as usual, otherwise they have tons of detail.


Separate rear lights were too much to ask from an already well equipped model by TP. Nevertheless they look quite clean.

In short, a pretty nice offering from Tomica.

Here’s sincere wishes for the next one to bear the numeral “288" with the adjective GTO in it. *PLEASEEEEEEE!*


A weedy attempt at photoshopping lights, failed miserably though lol.

Thanks for stopping by! Have an awesome weekend ahead!