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Ferrari HAWL

I went to the Imola swap meet over the weekend. As usual the best and brightest scale model purveyors had made the trip as well. This year I ended up with a 100% Ferrari HAWL. I managed to pick up a yellow 550 Maranello, which was missing from my current colour palette. The same vendor also had a burgundy one, however it looked like it had been through the hands of a particularly vindictive 7 year-old so I gave it a miss. Pictures to follow!

My CMC fetish was also indulged, after purchasing the blue road going 250GTO, I decided that a racing model was also needed, in keeping with my tradition of choosing odd-coloured GTOs I went with the 1962 Targa Florio version in a rather fetching shade of brown, unfortunately it was so well ensconced in its little presentation case that I couldn’t get any decent pictures, so here’s a file photo from CMC’s website.


I also found a bit of an old passion of mine. When I was a little boy my local model shop had a 1/8th scale Pocher Ferrari Testarossa. It was prohibitively expensive and enormous. I’d always hankered after one, but really wanted the F40. Unfortunately mint ones change hands for several hundred euros, some times breaking into four figures. On Saturday I found a nice cheap one at the swap meet. It’s not perfect (the door frame is a bit off, there are a couple of stickers missing and the engine cover straps are nowhere to be seen, but who cares! It’s utterly gigantic, ridiculously heavy and it’s mine!

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