Looks like a HW Elite 1/43 Ferrari 458 Italia, right?

Well, you’ll be surprised! It costs a fraction of the Hot Wheels one, yet is on-par with the expensive version :)

This is actually an unbranded Fezza model that came with the first issue of a partworks magazine that just began selling at my local newsagent. It is called ‘Ferrari GT Collection’ and it’s by Eaglemoss Collections. It comes with a model car and a little magazine detailing the particular model. New issues come every fortnight.

As you can see, it is a 458 Italia, and it feels relatively well-made even though A) there’s no manufacturer branding, and B) it just cost me (Malaysian Ringgit) RM14.90. Yes, that’s correct; it cost me just RM14.90 for this 1/43 scale model Ferrari when I could get a Hot Wheels car for RM8.90! It’s a steal...!

However, as the magazines progress, the issues get more expensive. I’m not sure whether I’ll be collecting the future models, but you’ll know when I do!


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