Big things with little cars


prepare for rant:


WTF IS THIS BS. Ugh I was SO CLOSE to a 80% flawless run. I mean it wasn’t perfect in any way, but it wasn’t bad, and I figured it’d look decent enough in pictures. Heck look at this:

Looks prettydope right? Not perfect, but decent enough and this was before all the touch ups. But noooo, for whatever reason my sharpie was not a fan of my clear coat and decided to run. And it’s not like it’s fresh. This has been sitting for a day, and I haven’t added any sharpie since that picture was taken a week or two ago.

Ugh. I’ve also never had an issue with the sharpie before- but I guess I have to do it over the clear coat.


I’m so angry right now. Luckily I have 3 more GTIs in the stripper, so I don’t even have to strip this or its 4 companions I did all at once.

And I also got an airbrush for christmas, so I might buy the actual automotive paint and spray paint the EXACT color instead of what is essentially white primer.

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