Don’t worry there’s Teutonic content, but first... A thank you to my wife. We went to WalMart yesterday, and when the pegs were empty (really. there was maybe 20 cars on the pegs). She walked over to the dump bin and dug in. I found quite a few cars I was looking for, including these nice Fiats.

I had to put the old one in there for the pics.

It’s hard to find cars that will fit in the plastic boxes I have. These Fiats should fit nicely if I keep it tight between the rear wheels.


And now the Germans. Another pair from the dump bin yesterday.

I will attempt a 6 wheeled 934. I actually have 2 more if I screw up too bad.


Not much customizing is getting done around here due to the temperature in the garage. So here are my favorite German customs.

And yes. My table is getting out of hand. I’ll clean it up a bit before the next pics. There might be homeless people living in there somewhere. I know there’s at least a rogue alligator and a few horses. Or a well fed alligator and no horses. Time will tell. See you next time.