Totally was NOT expecting to find this on the shelf at TRU yesterday. My wife and I traveled out near the NH Seacoast to check out a used car we were interested in buying. On the trip back, I conned her into stopping at the TRU in Concord NH. I haven’t been there in about 20 years. The diecast section was at 20% off and they were also doing an additional 10% off everything you purchase. The Hotwheels were picked over down to the scraps of pegwarmers. There was insane quantities of Majorettes though (none that tickled me). Small portions of AW-F&F-GL and etc. What did catch my eye was this Lost 4 piece collectors set.

I really didn’t want to pay the avg $30 with shipping price online for this. After discounts, this rang up for $10. Totally going to DLM this because the VW looks fantastic. Resurrecting the bus was one of my most favorite side stories in the show. Also, DAT Bronco!