It only took 3 and a half years, a multi-state move, 4 design changes, and a very patient and understanding wife to get these up!

Not my pic

This was the original concept; a photo I had found on Pinterest. I believe these are Ikea shelves that have since been discontinued.

My father in law is a master in the art of woodworking, so we set out to make our own. A local glass company quoted me a boatload of money to make 40 glass shelves, so we decided to go with cut up pieces of a sheet whiteboard that we got at Home Depot for $6. Whiteboard as you know has a ultra high-gloss white finish. We also canned the idea to make glass doors for the front.

The original plan was to paint the backs of the cases a mirror-like finish, but that looked like crap. The next plan was to use spray adhesive and a roll of mylar film to do the backs and sides, but that too ended up looking like crap. We finally settled on white.


The frames were originally supposed to be red oak, since my father in law had a ton left over from another project, but I began to have second thoughts about the look of the black on white on oak wood after finishing the first of four.

The project stalled there for 3 years. My inlaws decided to downsize their home so that meant I had to get these out of his shop. I moved them to my basement and rigged up an amateur mount around the lolly columns in the center of the house. Not trusting my own handy-man skills, I had nightmares my priceless 1:18 collection crashing down onto the concrete floor. I decided to DLM a bunch of Hot Wheels and stuck them on it. It looked like crap.


Fast forward to the present day, both my family and my inlaws have moved from Massachusetts to North Carolina. No basements here, so the shelves had to go somewhere. My dream of working from home came true and I set up a home office. What better way to decorate the space than with glorious 1:18 diecast?

We decided to frame two shelves together for the sake of materials and to make things easier to mount on the wall. We cut up two big sheets of plexiglass to keep my car-obsessed 2-year old’s fingers off of them (sorry buddy). We framed them with plain white scrap my father in law had (he ended up selling the oak before he moved) and I painted the edges satin black to match the cases.


The finished product!


40 cars fit, so I grabbed 40 cars from the closet. Probably not the best assortment but I wanted only supercars for now. Going from right to left, we have the best of the British and Bavaria, although its a little Mercedes heavy.

The next case has more German cars, because I can’t count to 10 apparently, plus a couple Bugattis, an Acura, and three Americans. The last 10 cars are my favorite Italians. The big ol’ Cadillac Sixteen rests on top, because its actually too big for its own cubby.


My plan is to rotate these out every couple of months as long as I can think of different themes. The best part is that this now forces me to crack open some new models that have been stuck in their boxes since new. I’ve got 8 cars that were still brand new up there, which means now I need to get cracking with my LaLD reviews!