Finally starting to see some newer stock in my area.

The good: I found some Track Day cars, the only 2 models on the pegs.

The bad: Oddly enough, these are the 2 that I wanted the least.

They’re still keepers, though.

Then I found another from my wish list, the RR Evoque. This one’s been out for a while but I could never find one. This will hold me over as I wait for the MBX Land Rover series to hit the pegs, if they ever do.

I’ve passed over this Bond car numerous times in the stores but when I finally took some time to look at it, it’s a pretty nice casting. Love the paint job.


Then at lunch today, I hit a mini jackpot when I stumbled on these 2 at Target. I’ve seen some A cases on the pegs recently, but someone’s always beat me to these. Still gotta find that KITT and the F&F series, though.


And last but not least, I found another Super, this time at Toys R Us. I actually have this one already, but now I can DLM one. I also picked up the Aristo Rat because it looked pretty cool.

Happy hunting, all!