The Target near me finally had the Redliners on the pegs, so I was able to snag the Cougar (2, to be exact, one for my desk and one for my son). It’s not an exact match, for from it, but it’s close enough to how my car currently sits. I find the card error interesting, though. 67/68 Cougars have “Mercury” on the front fender extension. Starting in ‘69, it read Cougar, as shown on the card.

I picked up a couple of others as well, the Charger and Camaro. The Corvette didn’t really appeal to me for some reason, and they didn’t have a Gasser.

A comparison of HW to 1:1. I guess I need a spoiler and to reroute the exhaust on mine!


Of course, now Walmart is slated for the Vintage American Muscle series which of course has another Cougar. The cards for those look quite nice. The hunt continues! Don’t love the color, but love the car!