I’ve been looking for a 1/18 version of my car for a while now and thought that since it isn’t a really popular model, no manufacturer would bother to build one.

Well I was wrong !

A few weeks ago, I found this little gem on ebay.

This is one of 999 Peugeot 505 V6s scale models made by Otto mobile, which apparently have an array of quirky french cars.


The body is made of cast metal resin, it is quite heavy. It features a lot of little details and the build quality is near perfect.

The front looks a bit odd, mostly because of the grille and headlight surroundings, and the turn signals shouldn’t be recessed. My guess is that they used the parts from another model they have, a first generation 505 turbo, which is slightly different. It looks better in real life though.

The underside of the model confirms what I thought, the exhaust and spare wheel show the 505 turbo origin. The V6 had specific wheels to accomodate the larger discs for the ABS brakes, and the spare wheel is an alloy wheel which was used on the turbo, but wouldn’t fit a V6. Also the exhaust should have 2 tubes coming from the 2 cylinder banks to the central muffler. But those are just details.


The rest is downright impressive, even the interior is very detailled, so you can see it’s a manual.


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