Holy crap it’s been a while. Feels like my walmart didn’t have anything new for months. Also I’ve been crazy busy. First, a reason why I’ve been so busy:

Worked 70 hours on this truck in one week. It’s a beaut though.

Anywho, my hawl... I went a bit overboard with a few of these. I was seriously scared I’d never find a Brat or Stratos... so a few were had...

Also everything is apparently sideways...

Convertible 2000GT! Also I dig some of the Star Wars cars. Boba Fett and Kylo Renn are probably the coolest next to Vader’s car.


Found a full 007 set!


Loving the NSX and Tesla recolors as well as that awesome Superbird!

More recolors



STRATOS!!!! Also sweet little Fiat and I like the lowered Silverado recolor


M4 recolor and F-Type!! Also the batman series looked better quality than what they released before.

Awful photo... but two escorts and a datsun recolor!

This hawl should hold me over for a while... but that 180SX needs to be had...