I have a few Car Week pics, but it’s Teutonic Tuesday Gosh Darnit. They can wait. hehe. I was trying to get a fade on this red paint job.

It isn’t as drastic as I’d like. Might try again with blue.

I got a nice 928. I really like the tampos on this one.

I like these Superfast Matchbox from the 70s/80s. They still have great detail like the older ones, but with plastic bases and normal sized axles. EDIT: fintail pointed out that they have metal bases. He is correct. Sorry for the mix up... Too many bong hits.


I’ll see if I can find one in worse shape for customizing.


Now as for my almost complete absence from Car Week. Our internet provider is an absolute joke. I’m just happy I got to post my Fuso truck. I was proud of that tiny paint job. I’ll share a few pics from my Car Week posts that never got out.

Here’s the bug I made the morning of Black car day.


It still has a bit of the old roof rack. This was the matte blue car from the VW 5 pack.

I can’t seem to get anymore pics to load so lets try posting this bad boy. #frontierinternetsucks