Just got back from Florida to bitter cold West Virginia. Without any progress to my customs, I’ll take the opportunity to show about 3 months worth of hunting. Since it’s Tuesday, I’ll start with the Germans.

The Unimog and 3 of the Beamers were from Philipilihp. Thanks buddy.

Here’s my entire collection of French cars.

A few Mericans.


My wife is the reason I found an F1 GTR. I was checking the pegs at Walmart, and when I turned around she was digging deep into the dump bin. So I joined her and we checked every car in the whole bin.

Some Japanese cars and a Beetle.


I had a JL Mysterion in my mailbox when we got home yesterday.

Not sure if it was on the wrong card or not, but too late it’s opened.


The Mustang needs its steering mechanism realigned.

And the Maserati Bora has been stepped on at some point. The roof is pushed to one side.


The roof is pretty bad, and the rear bumper is missing a piece on the right side.


A couple more pairs for 6x6s.

Last but not least... The highlight of my trip to Florida was this sign.


If they had to make a sign, it must have been a problem.

Thanks for checking out my stuff, and don’t molest the gators.