But I didn’t bought any of them. Do you want to know why? After the jump.

Recently, when Standard&Poor’s dowgraded Brazil’s perspective. We’re almost leaving the “investment rate”, to be classified as a “risky country”. The BRL plumetted, and the USDxBRL exchange rate reached $1 = R$3.43. For some weeks we were stagnated at $1 = R$3.2, but since that event we’re at $1 = R$3.35. So anything that is imported from anywhere is immensely expensive.


Back to the toy store. My first reaction was “finally, I found them!”. But then I checked the price tag. R$19.99 each. 20 BRL equals to $6 USD and, honestly, these models aren’t worth the price. They’re cool, but not R$20 cool.

Even with the new, higher, price, I still bought the Hot Classics Subaru BRAT. I was crazy for one, and couldn’t resist. The price? R$24.99, or $7.5. Still cheaper than a Greenlight, which usually runs between $10 and $15 USD.