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Finally, I Have The LEGO Set I Always Wanted

In the 80's LEGO made a build your own engine set. I tried for many years to get one, but either it is incomplete (missing pistons), or way too expensive. This one popped up and seems that I finally got my wish.

Whats better than LEGO and engines? :D

That’s not a boxer engine LEGO! its a horizontally opposed engine.

This one is from 1979 and it is practically new! None of the bricks have any wear, four of the bags are still sealed, and even has the two rubber bands!

Only one gear and the instructions are missing. I printed it and have plenty of gears to use.


The box is in great condition for almost 40 years old! I cant think why this set was never built? The owner lost the instructions and gave up?


Still sealed from 1979!


The unique and rare 2x2 pistons.

Once im done building my new LEGO workshop table I will get to building the engines and make my own.


As you may or may not know I like to make LEGO engines and make videos of them. Here’s some self promotion. Check out my channel for more engines :)

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