Big things with little cars

FINALLY!! Life is good!

Thanks to Cars4Marc, I finally have the Drag Strip Demon ‘66 Super Nova. Couldn’t be more happy with the purchase. He also had a spare ‘66 Super Nova TT so naturally I had to throw that in the cart as well. Actually, this whole transaction was based on acquiring the TT. After a few emails, I asked if he had a DSD and boy was I ecstatic when he confirmed. A few of you know I’ve been after this little Nova for quite some time. FINALLY!!

I had cars4marc DLM to reduce shipping cost...I’m such a cheap-o!! I shipped a TT for somebody in the past and it was so expensive. I felt bad passing on the shipping cost. Hope you had fun ripping these little guys out of their blisters. Look how perfectly wrapped up they are.


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