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My first taste of Zamac (domestically-raised and wild-caught)

After some acetone soaking and steel wool brushing, I finally have raw diecast in my hand for the first time.

I picked up a 17-piece rotary cleaning brush set for a few bucks and it worked pretty well. The acetone helped a lot on the Ford Focus but the dense matte paint on the Saleen S7 is really stubborn. The S7 isn’t quite as clean as Noodles’ raw S7 that’s been pictured in the background of his work station but this thing looks good already even when it still had a lot of residual paint.


It looks a lot better than this:



The nooks and crannies are hard to get into but the panel lines on the S7 look fantastic. It’s such a good casting.


And for the first time, I found a Walmart Zamac in the wild. This happened last weekend.


Not something I really dig but I find the wheels interesting since we’ll probably never see these on any other releases. It’s weird how I’ve found a $uper but it took longer to find a Zamac in the wild. That’s how bad scalping is in my area.

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