When we moved into our new house in October, my wife and I agreed that I can start a display for my cars. Until now my collection has lived in cases stored in closets and it was really starting to bug me. I would get a new car, leave it our on the kitchen table for a few days to enjoy and then stash it away (no fun in that!).

After spending a couple of months looking for a display cabinet that we both agreed would work and also look good in the living room, the day has finally come. I could have bought just about any kind of display if I was willing to put it in the spare bedroom but I wanted the display in the room that we spend most of our time in. The compromise resulted in something a little less “manly” than I would like but it was worth it as I will now get to really enjoy my cars!

The display wan’t lighted, so I made these light bars to mount inside.

They are pretty neat linkable LEDs that are dimmable and can change to many different colors (although I probably won’t use the purple very often :)). I initially just mounted the lights so they were shining directly down from the top but I found that I liked the indirect lighting look better. The lights actually point to the back of the cabinet but since the LEDs are really bright (can’t really tell in the pic), there is plenty of light inside without the glare bouncing off the shiny cars.


Another benefit of finally having a display is having easy access to them to take photos and share my collection here. The entire display is FAR from Lald worthy and I am wiped out, so for now, here is just a sneak peek of just a few of my scattered Hot Wheels. I will post more pics as I get things organized and bring out my other cars.