Big things with little cars

Finally, Some Luck

Yeah, I’ve been quiet. And that’s because the pegs have been barren around me. I basically hit a month-plus dry spell that had me questioning getting into this mess in the first place.

Finally, I got a few glimmers of hope:


My visit on Thursday to the Indie toy store netted me the white R30 and the blue R32. I saw some other desirable cars there (the Greddy Civic, the red R33, etc.) but these were the two I had to have.

Then, today, I strolled into a Target that’s failed me time and time again, and it was like scalpers didn’t even exist.

I had never, EVER seen wave 2 of the 50s on the pegs until today. And before you start screaming, the Drag Bus is already spoken for. I wound up taking four cars home with me today.


The Procar was a totally random find at Barnes & Noble. No idea at all what it was doing there. But then...


Yeah, I said I wasn’t interested in these (and I passed on two Mongoose TTs), but the way I figure, there are cars I will pursue to the ends of the Earth, and there are cars I’ll let seduce me in person. So yeah, I got the gasser and the Momo truck, and I already let The Unboxer get hold of them.


This kind of luck after weeks and weeks of nada has been a real thrill for me, and it makes me realize that the hunt is almost as much fun as taking them home.

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