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Fine Feathered Freestyle Friday

I Just thought I’d share a few blisters I’ve popped this week. Here’s the rundown:

-Green GT3RS: RAOK’d to me by a guy in my crew that I met in LA while there. Funny, because I was there to pick up another casting that he offered me, because he knew I collected it. This green one was his first ever wheel swap and now is a permanent desk buddy of mine:)

-Yellow Viper ACR: I just had to have it! I’ve never seen a Viper from JL, so...

-Black V12 Vanquish: Just like the Viper: saw it, neeeeeeded iiiiit :D

-Blue Skyline: The hype is real in this case, isn’t it? My best friend and I always go to all the FnF movies, and he likes Skylines, so this one has a bit of sentimental value for me. Plus, IT’S BLUE! I love that color.


-Black 928: This was a final run. I was debating whether or not to crack it. Almost everyone on IG told me to crack it, so I did! If I hadn’t I would’ve given it to a really good friend who had the 1:1 for a couple years, but then had to trade it for a 996. Now, he has a 570hp ‘72 Nova and a ‘15 Challenger, so I’ll have to figure out what else to give him for xmas:p

-Red Hummer: Can you even SEE IT?? I scored this in LA for $2. It was from a premium line set, but the brush bar is broken off. That’s ok. When I find another in good enough condition, this one will become a custom potential:D

Enjoy the weekend, my friends!

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