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Finicky Realistic Water

Just wanted to inform you guys, incase anyone uses realistic water as well. Toward the middle of the pic, you can see a defined line; that’s what happens when you just pour and let it sit.

The realistic water solution is pretty thick, but it’s still a liquid. Usually I try to smooth it out, with a brush or something. The other day I decided to see what happens if I just pour it and did nothing, would the liquid ( like water) eventually even itself out? The answer is no, because the above pic happened.


I made a short video to show what should be done. You’ll have to excuse my left-handed brushing, :). You take a brush and push the solution toward the edge, then ‘pad’ it down where you just brushed, to ‘populate’ the area again. Just pay attention to the brush, ;).

Happy diecasting!

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