This is the 7th layer of the pond. Lucky you lald, I made another YouTube video showing the complete process of making a layer! Hooray!

So I made the video with my iPhone, because I am awesome and cheap. I also put music to it, because the world isnā€™t ready for my masculine voice. And....I had to find a song that was ā€˜neutralā€™ and that everyone could enjoy. One problem, my iPhone is currently and mostly filled with metal, metalcore, mathcore, southern metal...basically genres where they scream the vocals instead of singing. Itā€™s my fancy. I ended up putting it to Children 18:3's ā€˜Afterall...ā€™, a punk rock song and by golly is it a good one. :)

Bear with the bad visuals, I tried. Hopefully youā€™ll get the idea. Any questions, donā€™t be afraid to ask.

Happy diecasting!