Had the week off from work so I put some time (ok, many hours) into finishing my Italian Street Scene diorama. I have big plans for this diorama - big plans! Like feature some Mille Miglia cars, or Targa Florio course settings, or their modern historic versions. Heck, throw in a M4 Sherman tank and a few half-tracks, dial up the filter app to Monotone > Grainy > More Grainy! and now I have a WWII Italian campaign scene. So here’s to the New Year, with new scenes to shoot and cars to collect. Cheers!

The bad side of town: batteries are for weight.


The cardstock boxes are to give the windows depth when viewed from the street side. Some of them even have printed interiors although why I went to all that trouble I don’t know.

And here’s a potential use for the street scene: