Finally, it’s time to share the pieces I chipped from Fintail’s incredible sale. Compare to what others had bought, my purchase is equivalent of buying one item at a grocery store despite the fact I was informed by our buddy vdubyajohn that I was the first one to the post. However, the weeks up to the day of the big sale, I not only prepared my wallet to be ready for the sale but also set myself a strict rule on when to cap my spending. I played it safe in the end and only reached somewhere in the middle of my capped spending limit.

To begin, I shall show some of the cars that I bought from one of 7 regular Matchbox lots. Not all of them are here since some will get a more independent and in depth review which will follow after this post.

These I’ll be keeping in the package not for the reason of reselling but because I already got a loose duplicate of these around.


I’m still not sure what to do with the work trucks, my ultimate plan will be to give it away to some kid that enjoys out of scale construction vehicles more than I do.

That’s the quick beginner to my part from Fintail’s sale. Big thanks to Fintail once again for the sale, the delivering process, and most importantly allow me to fill a missing spot in my collection which I’ll be sharing next. Cheers