I went to the local TRU on my lunch break today looking for stuff for my daughter's birthday and took a quick look down the "car aisle." My daughter is 2, but already is in love with Hot Wheels, and Porsches in particular (what can I say she's got great taste). So I went looking for a 911 or two and came up empty-handed there. I did however find this awesome little cruiser for my collection. It's a Greenlight Hot Pursuit 1980 Florida Highway Patrol Pontiac Firebird. I love Firebirds / Trans Ams as those were the cars that I learned how to work on cars on. My dad had multiple of them back when he was in high school and college, so when I went in to high school, he bought one as a project car for us to work on. And I love police cars and the FHP livery, so this car was the perfect find for me.