Hello people of Live and Let Diecast!

As the title states, in the coming weeks I have to give an informative speech in college as part of my semester’s subject. It’s all very simple and what better topic to talk about then my love for diecast and all that it entails?

Alright, the speech sits like this currently:

Introduction - I talk about my hobby through the years.

Body 1 - What do the scales mean? (Definition of 1:18, 1:43..., differences in level of detail among scales, which are more desirable/affordable, which are easier to collect...)


Body 2 - Brands and prices. For this part, I’d like to link an AutoArt/Kyosho 1:43 being compared to, say, a Maisto 1:18. This is so I can show the differences between top range brands and lower end ones.

Body 3 - The ‘bad’ side of the hobby. Here, I talk about scalpers and how they operate. As in, bribing cashiers, coming to stores way before opening hours, stealing cars from the factory and peddling them for 3x, 4x retail price.

I reiterate, that’s my body copy so far. Now LaLD, I need your help in a couple of ways. First, it would be a great big help to me if I have your permission to use pictures and facts from this site. As per academic standards, I will cite and quote as necessary.

Secondly, if you think I can add on to my speech or completely change things, do let me know! Maybe I have missed a couple of points here and there, or bits of trivia that might perk the average listener. I’m all ears for that.


Thanks, LaLD. Here’s a Porsche for your time.