Big things with little cars

First (and second ) Hwep!

A couple weeks ago shopteacher and I agreed on a hwep. Datsun for an Outlaw. Little did I know he would throw in one of my favorite honda casts! The Datsun is amazing the tampos are just killer!

While in talks about the trade above he mentioned he was looking for a few MBX F-types coupes. I was out and found two in one day. So we set up another hwep! A week after my first!


The fairlady z has been dodging me since its release. So glad I finally have one! But the real beauty is the escort! Wow, this cast is just fantastic! Shopteacher even threw in the fiesta because the escort was the designers first cars and the fiesta being his last. Awesome!

Very happy with the trades and I’ll definitely take part of the hwep again!

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